baffin p3

Baffin P3 pick your water and enjoy! A taller persons boat or for those weighing over 200lbs will enjoy this kayak that during manoeuvres really makes you look good. Stable and balanced the P3 is very comfortable in confused waters leaving paddlers in control when an edge is required. the P3 uses the finest PE material to in its construction and nothing was left out when filling its deck with bungee and safety line. The cockpit is filled with performance features from its unique brace built into the rim or its aggressive seat system which enhances control and comfort within the kayak.

Exceptional value with the innovative and easily accessed skeg control located in front of the cockpit. Why look anymore, here is the one boat you can load and go, a boat for any occasion.

17'6" (5.34 m)
17" × 33" (43 × 84 cm)
23" (58.4 cm)
110 gal us (415 l)
67 lbs. (30.2 kg)
Recommended weight of paddler:
200 to 280 lbs. (91 to 127 kg)
Recommended load limit:
320 lbs. (145 kg)