Boréal Design kayaks are built with the utmost respect for quality and workmanship. Our design is tried, tested and true for a day trip in your local bay or a month long expedition to a series of remote islands.

Simple and elegant, Boréal Design models all have a distinctive feel that blends the traditional aesthetics with functionality and performance of a modern sea kayak.

What are crossover kayaks?

Blending the lines between a recreational kayak and a full-fledged sea kayak, the crossover category is Boréal Design’s largest growing segment comprised of 7 models.  Three of these models are new in 2015!

Crossover kayaks are wonderful boats for paddlers who want big adventure with limited storage space. These boats are a compact version of a full 17 foot sea kayak (complete with sealed bulkhead, safety line and fittings) but is running from 13 to 15 feet instead. While not as fast, but often times more playful, they are equally seaworthy for most adventures of the average sea kayaker.

If you are looking for a jack-of-all-trades kayak that is able to perform with the long boats, but more playful and less cumbersome, the crossover is what you are looking for!

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