An incredibly quick and yet amazingly stable platform for anyone under 175 lbs. The Cosma is geared toward slender paddlers and features an innovative multi-chine hull design. The Cosma is a stable, quick and responsive kayak which is tailor-made for long expeditions where rough water conditions are expected. The Cosma’s fine entry, moderate rocker, 23″ beam and shallow “V” multi-chine hull makes this craft stable and seaworthy for any paddler regardless of skill level.
Rough Water Ready – Beginner Friendly!

Primary Stability

Primary stability is a reflection of how stable the kayak feels while sitting still on a calm body of water. A high primary stability is perfect for beginners, photographers and fisherman alike.

Secondary Stability

Secondary stability is the stability felt while edging the boat (leaning the kayak on one side using your hips). A kayak with a poor secondary will require a stronger bracing technique to edge with confidence.

Handling vs Tracking

There is no right or wrong answer here. A kayak that tracks more (more grey) will be easy to keep on a straight course. A loose kayak (more blue) will be easy to turn on a dime and change direction quickly.


This is the general speed of the kayak, combining acceleration, cruising speed, top speed and how easy it is to keep.


This represents the total inside storage volume the kayak offers. Rudder equipped kayaks tend to have more storage compared to skegs that take up some space in the rear hatch. A high rating for storage is perfect for a touring paddler.

Paddler level

The most important thing to consider while choosing the right kayak is the paddler themselves. One key factor is the skill level of the paddler. The skill level represents what is needed to use the kayak to its full potential. Starting out with an expert boat will not make you a better kayaker and can even hinder your progression.

Flat water
Rough water
Day touring
Multi-day touring
Small to mid sized paddlers
Available in:
Length16’2’’ (4.9 m)
Width23’’ (58.4 cm)
Cockpit16’’ x 31” (40 x 79 cm)
Kayak Weight56 lbs (25.4 kg)
Recommended weight of paddler90 to 225 lb (41 to 102 kg)
Recommended load limit325 lb (147 kg)
Total Volume40 gal us (151 l)
Type of ChineMulti-Chine
Stearing systemRUDDER
Béluga skirt sizeX-Large