Boréal Design kayaks are built with the utmost respect for quality and workmanship. Our design is tried, tested and true for a day trip in your local bay or a month long expedition to a series of remote islands.

Simple and elegant, Boréal Design models all have a distinctive feel that blends the traditional aesthetics with functionality and performance of a modern sea kayak.

Why choose a kayak with a skeg?

A skeg equipped kayak will not turn the boat for you.  Mastering the use of a skeg requires patience and practice in various water conditions.  This is why a skeg equipped sea kayak is generally considered for more advanced paddlers. A paddler starting out in sea kayaking needs to have confidence in their edging and paddle stroke abilities to properly steer a skeg.

By comparison, the use of the skeg is more passive than the rudder. You need to deploy the skeg and its effect will change how your boat will behave in the water while you paddle. Its greatest use is to modify how your kayak will turn when a strong side wind arises. Lower your skeg just right and you will keep your perfect line for miles.

A skeg equipped kayak has a hull design made to match.  It is highly maneuverable and stable while edging.

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