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For more than 25 years, Boréal Design has been pushing the limits of modern sea kayak design. It is their signature bow, long keel line, amazing speed and surprising stability that makes every Boréal Design boat a cut above the rest. If you are new to sea kayaking or a veteran guide, BD’s line-up has the perfect kayak for your next adventure.


Building a kayak takes care and precaution. Doing a self-rescue in sea conditions is hard enough on its own.  Having side gear you know will not break when you need it most is a necessity. From the high-grade HDPE powder we use in our rotomolded plastic boats, down to the deck fittings, we ensure that everything exceeds your expectation.


Performance is about use, context and most importantly the user. The best kayak for a sea faring level 4 guide might not be the best boat for a lake bound beginner. Understanding the needs of each individual, their intended use, and the environment they will be exploring, is the core concept we place at the center of each new design.


Going faster is not our sole goal; we strive to generate new ideas to contribute to the great sport of kayaking. From purchasing a kayak at one of our dealers, to creating videos showing you how to repair and store your boat for the winter, a better user experience is something we work on daily.  User experience for us doesn’t stop at the cash register.

Who we are

Boréal Design has been producing kayaks since 1991 in both polyethylene and composites. From the beginning we have strived to deliver the best designs computers can create. Our molds speak for themselves as you can see by the extreme polish and attention to detail on our composite, thermoformed ABS and rotomolded HDPE models.

Boréal Design is a Canadian based company with Headquarters in Montreal. We have warehouses on Vancouver Island and China which complement our delivery incentives. Since our new ownership has been in place, we have seen serious investment in our thermoforming division which began in 2013. In addition to all the upgrades we have done to the PE kayaks, we have increased the quality of our polyethylene to exceed your expectations in UV resistance and durability.

Boréal Design is continuously working to refine the art of building high end kayaks with the utmost quality in material, workmanship and cutting edge designs in all its components.


When choosing the right kayak for you, always remember to think of your needs before “the cool looking one”. What’s your skill level? What type of body of water do you plan to paddle on? Do you like an extended touring expedition or are you a weekend warrior? All of these questions are important to answer when you are narrowing down your next kayak.

Sea Kayaks

Sea kayaks are dedicated to paddling in sea conditions efficiently and carry enough gear to let you camp on the shoreline along the way. These kayaks are fast, have great tracking and are always equipped with a skeg or rudder system.

Crossover Kayaks

The crossover kayak is an emerging style of boat that suits paddlers who are looking for a sea worthy kayak for day outings and short kayaking trips. They are typically playful, easy to master and promisingly fun in waves.

Specialty Kayaks

The specialty kayaks are appealing to the intermediate and expert crowd who have a fair amount of kilometers in there drysuits. Each design in this category has a very specific role on the water. What they lose in versatility, they gain in performance.


High Density Polythene

Commonly referred to as rotomolded or poly boats, kayaks made out of HDPE are tough as nails. They can take abuse for years and are affordable. Perfect for beginners, rental fleets and paddlers that are attracted to rocks!

Thermoformed ABS

Thermoformed ABS is a new construction method that is rapidly growing in popularity. As strong as a HDPE boat, it has the same weight as a composite and a great glide on the water. No wonder we refer to it as the best of both worlds.

Infused composite layup

An infusion composite layup is the pinnacle of kayak construction methods. This process regulates how resin flows in the material to achieve a better strength-to-weight ratio than vacuum bagging. Available in fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon.


A family of Brands

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At Boréal Design, we want you to have a great experience with our brand. We hope we can help you evolve into the sea kayaker you want to be! Get in touch with us, via Facebook, email and through our dealers.


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